SAFEPOST, ‘Reuse and development of Security Knowledge assets for International Postal supply chains’, is a four year Integration project addressing the FP7-SEC-2011.2.4- 1 International Postal Supply Chains. The project started on the 1st April 2012

SAFEPOST will provide a highly innovative solution for postal security to:

 assist stakeholders involved in postal services to achieve enhanced security without cost penalties

 facilitate the sustainable development of increasing level of postal security across Europe

After making an inventory of security gaps starting from the perspective of the partner postal operations, the project will develop generic postal security models which will be integrated into a Postal Security Target Operating Model.

This will enable postal operators, customs and other relevant actors to understand how to securely exchange information related not only to security but also to the optimisation of postal flows.

To support the implementation of the Postal Security Target Operating Model, a Postal Security Platform will be developed which will support specifically 3 & 4 and will  provide a ‘Common Postal Security Space’ with a view to create in the future a European/World Postal Security standard information sharing system. 

Blog: New survey on European postal
PostEurop and Cross-border Research Association have launched a new online survey on postal security management to promote further development and implementation of best security practices in the postal sector. The survey is part of the ongoing SAFEPOST project that the European Commission is co-funding under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The SAFEPOST project is going to finish in the end of July after four years of work towards higher postal security in the European Union.
Zambia: ZICTA Promotes Safe Postal Services
The Zambia Bureau of Standards has come up with specific security standards in acting as a guide to enhance postal security in various courier companies
China Tightens Security on Delivery Services in Wake of Deadly Blasts
Authorities are tightening security checks on courier services across China following a devastating warehouse explosion and series of deadly parcel-bomb blasts.
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