SAFEPOST will be aimed at establishing sustainable ‘total’ postal security solutions encompassing organisational, process, technological, human factors and training perspectives.

The focus will be on an innovative targeting and screening solution coupled to advanced information processing and operational optimisation capabilities in a cooperative European distributed model.


World's First Handheld Z Backscatter Imaging System Debuts for Security and Law Enforcement Officials in the United Kingdom
American Science and Engineering, Inc., a leading worldwide supplier of innovative X-ray detection solutions, today announced the United Kingdom (UK) debut of MINI Z™, the world's first handheld Z Backscatter® imaging scanner for fast, portable, real-time detection of hidden drugs, explosives, and other organic threats and contraband behind non-metallic surfaces.
Repositioning Postal Services for National Security
Training staff of the Nigerian Postal Service in security matters
Commission approves €1.5bn aid for La Poste
French government aid to La Poste amounting to €1.5bn in order for the company to meet its public-service obligations has been approved by the Commission.
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